Minnesota's Comfort Foods, On Wheels. Yusss.

You know the great thing about Minnesotans?  We love food.  Strange food, at times. Lutefisk? Divided. Swedish meatballs? No contest. Walleye? Staple. We put ketchup or ranch on EVERYTHING.  Our Scandinavian roots give us a culinary platform unrivaled by other regions in our country. Beyond that, we have a foodie nation in Minnesota that challenges the best palates from Cali to NYC.  So what we find to be comfort food must be acknowledged, from Wild Rice Soup to red curry, from Tater Tot hotdish to kimchi.  We are as much a melting pot as any other large city, and we at No Buns About It seek to take what you see as comfort food and turn it on its head in a food truck you can count on.  Founder Tracy and her crew are dedicated to bringing whatever makes you go "mmmmmm" to your corporate lunch, favorite brewery, or grad party.  So come find us.  Try out your new comfort food. 

Bring a friend. Or a puppy.